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The vast land of India is woven with diverse cultures and traditions along with customs and beliefs. The populous nation incorporates within itself different regions and each of these has its own distinct culture. Among the varied aspects of these traditions, the plethora of clothing is acknowledged as well as celebrated by the admirers in various parts of the world. The traditional Indian costumes have been formed with the combination of numerous religions and arts of this land. Indigenous clothing is one such feature which distinguishes not only the Indian regions among themselves but also India as a whole from other nations. Regarded as novelty for special occasions, Indian men and women attire themselves in ethnic garbs to embrace their culture. In most of the religions of this land, while men largely wear dhoti or pyjama and pair it with kurta, the range for women’s clothing is considerable.

The traditional attires for women are usually made with bright colors and alluring designs. The meticulous and intricate designs of these manifest the arduous efforts of the artisans. Saree, lehenga and salwar-kameez are the most popular Indian dresses. The unstitched long garment, saree can be draped in various stunning styles to suit not only the ethnic but western fashion trends as well. The Banarasi silk saree is a wonderful type for wearing on festivals. It features exquisite golden embroidery as well as marvellous texture. The modernized half and half saree is a classier form of silk sarees, though it can also be materialised with other fabrics as well. Sarees always evolve and one such evolution is the classy net saree which gives the wearer a definite elegant look. The increasing appeal of saree gown, the fusion of Western and Eastern, is widespread. All of these are not only comfortable to wear but also bring out the charming beauty of women. However grand they are, delicate pieces of jewellery, such as evergreen jhumka earrings, choker necklaces, cuff bracelets, cuff bangles, etc., are needed to complete the look.