Rehabilitation Services In Carrollton


Press Release:

Carrollton, TX, 2016/ Press Release: If you are looking for rehabilitation services in Carrollton, TX, visit OrthoTexas. The leading group of doctors, surgeons and physical therapists aim at improving the fitness level and quality of life of the patients. Whether you have undergone a surgery or suffered from a chronic orthopedic condition, they can help you recover quickly.

The rehab specialists at OrthoTexas work in close association with the doctors to diagnose the root cause of the condition of the patient. They devise customized rehab programs to strengthen the muscles and improve mobility of the affected joints. They help the people suffering from chronic pain find relief so that they can regain their normal level of activity.

The physical therapists have extensive experience in treating sports injuries. They specialize in using corrective exercise techniques and manual therapy to promote recovery and reduce the risk of further injuries.

Rehabilitation Services Provided At OrthoTexas:

General orthopedic rehabilitation

Sports injury prevention

Hand therapy

Customs splinting

Functional capacity evaluations

Work conditioning

Aquatic therapy

Alter G

Benefits of physical therapy:

Physical therapy helps to build endurance of muscles and also improves joint mobility. It is a perfect way to relieve stress and provide relaxation to the body. Stretching and strengthening exercises as suggested by the physical therapists improve joint strength and prevent reoccurrence of the injury. Physical therapy can shorten recovery time and improve body balance. It can also help to reduce the risk of age related medical conditions.

For more information about the rehabilitation services provided in Carrollton, TX visit OrthoTexas. To schedule an appointment with the rehab specialists, you can call at (972) 492 – 1334 or visit 4780 North Josey Lane, Carrollton, TX 75010. You can also log on to their website to know more.