Gastric Bypass Stands Up Over Time


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Plano, TX, Oct. 10, 2016 – People who are obese often find themselves facing difficult decisions in regard to health. If weight is left unchecked for too long, people who are considered severely obese are likely to see their chances for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other serious conditions rise. Weight loss surgery can reduce the risks while also improving some conditions that may already be present. Some people, however, are concerned that weight loss surgery may not have the long-term benefits they’re after.

When it comes to the gastric bypass, however, long-term studies are showing very strong results. One recent study found that a high percentage of patients not only lost a significant amount of their baseline weight after surgery, but were able to keep most of it off at the 10-year mark.

“The findings add to an already large body of evidence that points to the lasting benefits bariatric surgery can have for those who struggle with obesity,” says Dr. Nick Nicholson, founder and lead surgeon at the Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery. “While not every patient will have the same results, the majority of those who undergo gastric bypasses enjoy enduring weight loss success. This is especially so if they follow through with proper diet, exercise and other support mechanisms.”

The gastric bypass is a two-pronged procedure that enables people to effectively lose weight by limiting the amount of food their bodies can take in and process. The first part of the procedure involves shrinking the size of the stomach, generally through stapling. The second part involves a rerouting of digestion to limit the body’s ability to absorb calories. The gastric bypass is the most popular bariatric procedure performed to address obesity in people with body mass indexes that are considered dangerously high.

“Bariatric surgery is not like a crash diet,” explains Dr. Nicholson. “Procedures like the bypass are designed to alter the body to produce lasting weight loss support.”

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