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The release discusses carpet cleaning services offered by BMF Carpet Cleaning in Houston, TX. It further lists other services provided by the company.

Press Release:

Houston, TX, 2017/ Press Release – To give your home a fresh look, get your carpets cleaned by the professionals at BMF Carpet Cleaning. The company is renowned for offering services to residential and commercial properties across Houston, TX. The technicians utilize state-of-the art technology to eliminate even the toughest stains from the rugs and carpets. They use truck mounted equipment and deep steam cleaning method to provide best results.

Before starting the carpet cleaning procedure, the technicians install corner wall protectors and tarps to avoid any damage to the property. The deep cleaning offered, not only removes dust and allergens but also restores natural beauty of the carpets.

Services Offered By BMF Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning – In this procedure, hot boiling water is sprayed upon the carpets with high pressure, allowing even the minutest dirt particles to loosen up. The slackened grime is then easily removed by vacuuming. Steam cleaning doesn’t involve the use of any harmful chemicals and is environment friendly.

Carpet Water Extraction – If your carpets get damaged by excessive water due to floods or a pipe leakage, the technicians will quickly reach your house to rectify the issue. They come equipped with dehumidifiers, high speed blowers, anti-bacterial agents, ozone machines, etc. to offer the best cleaning services.

Carpet Stretching – With time, the quality of your carpets degrades and they may look worn out. The professionals will use a power stretcher to repair the carpets.

Why Choose BMF Carpet Cleaning?

Experienced Technicians
Affordable Carpet Cleaning Packages
Quality Assurance
24-Hour Emergency Services
Use of Environmental-Friendly Cleaning Products
Free Carpet Cleaning Estimates
No Hidden Charges

Other Services

Rug Cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Air Vent Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Pressure Washing

To know more about the carpet cleaning services offered by BMF Carpet Cleaning, call at (713) 972 – 5501 or visit 3880 Greenhouse Rd. Suite 1, Houston, Texas 77084. You can also log on to for more information.