Advocate Financial Services Evolves As The Most Preferred Marketing Platform For Major Timeshare Law Firms


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California, US, 16 –Advocate Financial Services, leading financial consulting firm of South Florida, emerges as the most preferred marketing platform among the pioneer Consumer Protection and Timeshare Law Firms.

Advocate Financial Services the 2014 and 2015 Financial Service Provider of the year; is one of the leading Financial Consulting Firms in the past 25 years. They endeavor to assist their customers in managing their financial and debt related queries, timeshare contract cancellation, and consumer debt settlements. Advocate Financial Services provides a marketing platform for law firms and attorneys to deliver awareness among consumer regarding deceptive and unethical business practices used for financial gain. As the public becomes less informed; unethical and deceptive businesses and/or individuals take advantage of misinformed consumers.

Many timeshare owners are unaware that Consumer Protection Laws exist to protect the public and help eliminate a financial and legal obligation obtained under deception. Law firms and attorneys are not allowed to directly solicit potential clients their legal services. To resolve such issues; there are legal consultants contracted by these law firms that brings awareness to the public about their rights and legal matters.

Advocate Financial Services offers an effective marketing platform that bridges the Attorney-Client gap ethically. Timeshare and Consumer Protection Law is not a common area for consumers. Many consumers’ rights are violated by timeshare developers and their sales representatives every day. Under law; if a business or an individual uses unfair, unethical, deceptive, or unlawful sales practices then you are eligible to cancel your purchase agreement and seek compensation as long as your claims are warranted. Unless a marketing platform is available to bring awareness; consumers will continue to purchase timeshares under deception.

If you are concerned about your timeshare purchase and/or any Consumer Protection Law issue; you may consult the leading law services marketing platform at

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Advocate Financial Services is a Licensed Bonded Financial Consulting Firm that employs to assist their customers in managing their debts. They have an experience of over 25 years in serving their customers concerned with financial and debt related matters such Consumer Debt settlements, Transfer of ownership and Timeshare Contract Cancellation. They are adept in providing strategic advice and cater trusted consultation services for their customers to successfully meet their goals.



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